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Likes: Long showers, bubble baths, posing in the nude, I like men and women, I love the beach, my fav animal is horses, my fav football teams is the dolphins and the bucs, I love the color pink if you guys no what i mean... hehe..
Dislikes: Bad hygine, chewing with your mouth open, arrogance, reckless drivers, and cheesy pick-up lines...keep them original people...

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Age: 19
Home state: Florida
Favorite food: thai
Favorite type of music: Hip Hop
Favorite movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite sex toy: The Dolphin
Favorite place to have sex: My dad's bed!
Favorite magazine: Cosmopolitan
I have lots of pics and videos online of me and my girlfriends that I talk into being on camera. Sometimes they don't believe what I get them to do.
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